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Concrete Screed / Aluminum / 12', 14', 16'

SKU: 14772 / EDI: 14772
Price: $149.99

An Aluminum Concrete Screed is used to smooth concrete as wet cement comes out of a concrete delivery truck. Wet cement must be smoothed when pouring areas like driveways, sidewalks, and flat work. Screeding fresh concrete can be as simple as using a wood two by four or made easier by using an Aluminum Concrete Screed and a professional might use a Concrete Power Screed.

Most professionals that perform medium to small jobs will use aluminum screeds because they are very straight, wont warp and reusable for many years as long as you don't bend them. They just need a water rinse after each use and stored someplace that will keep them protected from damage.

An easier way to screed off wet concrete is to use a power screed and we also offer these machines. Power screeds utilize a gasoline engine to operate this machine for vibration and settlement of cement. Power Concrete Screeds require one operator and they will make the job go faster.

Our Concrete Screeds are made of high quality aluminum and are available in three sizes below. Concrete Equipment Direct specializes in Concrete Tools and all of your Concrete Equipment needs!

These rugged aluminum screeds are work ideal when using or Concrete Screed Laser System.


  • End capped to prevent concrete from getting inside
  • Lightweight, long wearing and rigid
  • Premium high strength alloy won't rust or rot; more damage and warp resistant
  • Comes in 12', 14' and 16' lengths, 1-1/2" width & 3-1/2" height.
Weight: 20 lb.
Dimensions: 194in. × 2in. × 4in.
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