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Information about Decorative and Architectual Concrete

Concrete Stamps Can Make Your Concrete Surface Look Like Real Stone

The use of Concrete Stamps in the decorative concrete industry has literally exploded over the past several years. Many contractors now offer Concrete Stamping as part of their business and many only offer decorative concrete as their primary service.

Stamping Concrete allows you many options regardless if your pouring new cement or overlaying the existing concrete surface. This is accomplished by pouring our T1000 overlay onto a properly prepared surface about 1/4" to 3/4" thick using a gauge rake and then applying the stamp to achieve the desired pattern and texture.

Using Concrete Stencils When Texture Spraying Offers Endless Options For Concrete Patio Designs

Concrete Patio Designs are endless when you use Concrete Stencils in your design plan. Our stencils are available in paper and plastic and while they are both excellent products, you need to know which is best for your particular application.

Plastic Concrete Stencils

Concrete Floor Stain Is A Great Way To Give Your Existing Concrete Floors A New Look

Using Concrete Floor Stain can be a relatively easy and inexpensive process if you follow some basic
techniques. You can purchase nearly all the tools and products at your local hardware or home improvement store and rent the required equipment from your local machine rental store if needed. Professional stain and supplies can be purchased from any concrete stain distributor.

Properly Cleaning Concrete Will Ensure Your New Concrete Overlay Lasts For Many Years

Applying a Concrete Overlay to your existing cement floor will make your floor look as if it were just poured. You will have many options with what you can create including stamping, staining, texture or you might just want the look of new smooth concrete. If applied correctly and measures are taken to perform proper preparation, your new overlay should last for many years. Preparation is very important with this process so by taking a little time to understand the correct procedures for installing concrete overlays, you will be much more satisfied with the results.