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Concrete Tools Glossary

We provide Concrete Tools for the Concrete Professional as well as the Municipality and Home Owner and many times our customers don't know which Concrete Finishing Tools they really need or they may not know what the tool is designed for. Here you will find a complete list of Concrete Tools and Concrete Equipment and their descriptions with their intended use. Concrete Equipment Direct.Com is your Tool Information Resource!

Round End Trowel
Brick Trowel
Bucket Trowel
Pointing Trowel
Margin Trowel
Gauging Trowel
Coke Trowel
Rebar Wire Ties
Insulators Trowel
Bull Float Bracket
Tuck Pointer
Mud Hawk
Brick Jointer
Joint Raker
Sled Runner
Concrete Placer
Brick Hammer
Brick Bolster
Masons Chisel
Rub Brick
Finishing Trowel
Pipe Trowel
Concrete Edger Tool
Curb and Gutter Tool
Hand Groover
Walking Groover
Wall Form Float
Bull Float
Concrete Spreader
Pull Crete
Plate Compactor
Internal Concrete Vibrator
Tie Wire Twister
External Concrete Vibrator
Power Trowel
Concrete Stamp
Concrete Stamping Roller
Concrete Stencil
Gauge Rake
Magic Trowel
Hopper Gun
Broken-In Trowel
Hand Float
Concrete Screed
Fresno Float
Horsehair Broom Used for adding a "Non-Slip Finish" to the final finish.

You can count on Concrete Equipment Direct to bring you the best selection and brands of Concrete Hand Tools in the industry!